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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Last week I went to Tokiwa for having light iftar. At Tokiwa, I always pass by to fabric section and other crafts for craftwork accessories. I think, it was more than 10 times I went there then buying nothing! But, happened suddenly I pass by craft books rack…then my eyes looking at a one book. It is ribbon embroidery book. The book is nice, simple instruction and I think, it is good book for beginner like me. The author is Japanese. The think that I love about this book is the simple photo instruction steps, basic techniques and also colorful ribbon used. Eventhough not much sample for pattern design, this book is good for beginner, for those who are the first time want to learn about ribbon embroidery technique, and want to learn basic simple techniques, this book is good for you. This book is not suitable for mid-end beginner, intermediate or advanced since they show very simple basic techniques. The price is cheaper than other ribbon embroidery books. This book maybe one of the best cheapest books to motivate for your first move to enjoy your first embroidery.

Since this book is in Japanese, You don’t have to worry. You will understand the steps by looking at the photo instruction steps given. Very clear photo instruction and easy to follow.

What is the book title? How much the price? Who is the author? How the book looks like?

Will show you later... hehe..

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Algerian Eye Stitch

It has been a long time that i do not update my blog. Since im going back to japan, i do not have much time to update my blog or finish my website. Anyway, i try to spend my time to update this blog. For now onwards, i will collect any info thru the web and gather all in one into my blog as for reference. I dont have oportunity to learn the techniques when i in Malaysia. But I think thru the videos, slowly i will learn.

Today, I gather all about the Algerian Eye Stitch. Some people called, as Star Stitch or Star Eyelet Stitch. Below are the diagrams of Algerian Eys stitch and also similar stitch applied.

Algerian Eye Stitch

Eyelet Stitch

Round Eyelet Stitch

Diamond Eyelet Stitch

Below is the real photo on step by step Algerian Eye Stich by Sharon B

Sample design..

Nice, simple but beautiful and creative..

(source and credits : sharon b, fidella needlework )

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